Why You Must Stop Wearing Your Bra Immediately


Most women prefer to wear a bra mostly because they think it’s best for them,but wearing a bra is just an option and there are benefits if you choose not to wear one- no more swelling breasts before periods, no lumpiness, no hardness and no pain.

Reasons why women need to stop wearing bras

  1. Bras make breasts saggier

The breasts have ligaments which hold them up.  By wearing a bra they get smaller and weaker but if you don’t wear one, they would become more toned and would feel more supported.

  1. Lifts Breasts and nipples

The collagen production and elasticity increases when you don’t use a bra. You breast lift up and your nipples lift up even 7 millimeters.

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  1. Without bra: it reduces headaches and back pain

There is a blood flow reduction and nerve influence when you wear a bra. This causes headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain.

  1. It’s easier to breathe

The tightness of the bra can cause compression preventing you from breathing properly.

  1. Say bye to strap marks on your skin

Bra straps cause red marks, indentation and nerve damage in the shoulder.

  1. Avoids skin Irritation

If you’re wearing an ill fitting bra, you may get skin infection and rash due to the moisture release under the breast area. You may also get lesions and cysts due to protruding bra hooks.

  1. No more restless nights

If you sleep with a bra on, you will feel irritating, restless, uncomfortable and it will disturb your sleep.

  1. Save money and time

Bras can be unnecessary, costly, unbenefitial and it takes time to find a good one.

  1. Improved blood circulation

By avoiding bras you will get firmer and healthier skin around the breast area due to improved blood flow and circulation.

  1. Don’t be shy, go backless

One of the best reasons not to wear a bra is that you can experiment with fashion because you won’t have to worry about matching your bra and your clothes.

Look after both your breast and bra.



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