Eggs are one of the few foods that would be classified as “superfoods.” They are packed with nutrients, and some of them are infrequent in the modern diet. Consuming more eggs is an amazing way to provide you a health boost. Astonishing reasons to justify why eggs can actually make you healthier, brainier, leaner, as well as stronger.

Improve Immune System

Eggs contain iron that can actually support a healthy immune system and a normal blood cell production.

Lose Weight

In a study that was conducted at Louisiana State University, the participants who consumed eggs for breakfast instead of bagels, have lost more weight and reported to have more energy.

Enhanced Memory Function

The rich content of both of vitamins and nutrients in eggs, especially choline, improves the function and cognition of the memory.

Prevents Heart Disease

The choline that can be found in eggs is an important nutrient in reducing inflammation that will eventually lead to heart disease.

Lessen the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Various studies have shown that the nutrients in eggs can actually prevent blood cloths which lessen the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Lower High Blood Pressure

The peptides that can be seen in eggs were shown to assist in reducing high blood pressure.

Reduce Risk of Tumors

Eggs are packed with selenium, which has been linked with preventing cancer, as well as reducing tumors that affects the prostate.

Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer

A newest study has shown that women who consumed high amounts of choline. Which is abundant nutrient in eggs, were 24% less likely to obtain breast cancer.

Great Source of Protein

Eggs are a great source of protein; an egg has 6 grams of protein.

Protects your Eyesight

Not only do they avoid mascular degeneration, but antioxidants that can be seen in eggs have been reported to defend the eyes from damage that is connected to UV exposure.



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