Every person has its own internal mechanisms and clocks that control both the work and function of the organs inside the body. According to Chinese medicine, our body dedicates different energies to different organs within the 24-hour cycle.

In other words, if you wake up at the same time every night, it means that something is obstructing the energy in the body, both physically and spiritually, thus disrupting the natural balance of the body.

This is why we will present you a list of wake-up times and their link to the body organs which will help you find the cause of your symptoms:

9 pm To 11 pm

During this interval of time, the endocrine system restores its balance and the enzymes are refilling.

The main function of the endocrine system is to control the metabolism and the hormones which means that if you wake up at this time, you probably consumed unhealthy food, had a heavy meal late in the day, anxiety or worries about the next day.

11 pm To 1 am

At this time, the yin energy converts into yang which means that if you wake up between 11pm and 1 am, it is due to some resentment you are stuck with.

In order to solve this problem, you need to be positive, calm, full of love and keep energy for the next day.

1 am To 3 am

During this time, your liver releases the toxins and the blood is fresh and clean. This means that waking up during this period of time, is a result of a negative formations like anger and frustration or some other problems associated with the function of your liver.

3 am To 5 am

During this period of time, the lungs are undergoing repair and flood the body with oxygen which means the body must be warm enough in order to speed up the function of the body.

This can occur due to grief and sadness, so in order to treat it you should perform some breathing techniques.

5 am To 7 am

Eating too late or poor nutrition can lead to waking up at this time since the large intestine is extremely active during this period which means it breaks down toxins and removes the from the body.



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