She Had Been Keeping A Garlic Clove In The Mouth For 5 Minutes A Day, After A Week She Could Not Believe What Happen To Her Health


Garlic is very healthy for many things. Not only can you eat it but you can use it as a cure for many ailments and wounds, such as fever and wounds in the lips area.

Apply some milk to the wound

Take a piece of cotton wool and soak it with milk and then apply it directly to a painful place. Repeat this process a few times a day.

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Eat a liquorice

The root of liquorice is excellent in the fight against viral infections.

Put the garlic directly on the wound

Garlic has very healing properties, so it should be put on the wound. In this way, the skin will absorb nutrients as quickly as possible and reduce the island.

Use peppermint oil

Peppermint acts very soothing to the skin and has antiviral properties. You can use it instead of garlic.

Lubricate Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an old remedy for acne, but it’s good for fever on your lips. Apply a little to the affected area and do not wipe.

Apply a little vanilla

The low content of alcohol contained in vanilla is sufficient to dry the wound.

Cool the wound with ice cubes

Apply ice, analgesic, to reduce the island and eliminate redness.

Aloe vera gel

If you do not have aloe vera leaves, you can use the gel. Apply half a cup of tea to a wool and apply it directly to the wound. Leave to dry.

Apply lemon balm or lemon extract directly to a painful place

Soak the cotton cloth or wool in a lemon balm and apply on the wound several times a day.



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