What do you know about your birthday? Birthdates have a meaning. The day you were born is a very special day in history and it has a very specific meaning to your life.

You should know about it. You should also know that the day you were born can tell you something about your personality.

This is very amazing and it really works. We all wonder about our birthday and certain meaning behind it. Here now you can find out about your birthday and what it means to you.

Add your birthday date & know about yourself.

ex: 14-02-1996

1+4+0+2+1+9+9+6= 32


Note : add digits until you get a single digit number must comment your result !!

If you get

1 = your love is true

2 = your family is good

3 = your voice is sweet

4 = your life is going great

5 = your lover is deeply in love with you

6 = Partly talented person

7 = intelligent

8 = born to win

9 = confused person..!

Hopefully you enjoyed finding out more about your birthdate and the personality traits behind the day that you came inot this world. Please share.



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Written by Martin

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