The Uses Of Baby Oil Nobody Knew, Pay Attention To Number 2


When we talk about beauty, a lot of us think of salons and chemicals, spending money and things can be simpler. With an item you have at home, you can resolve this and make the skin amazing. But, all tricks and tips from the media are just tricks for you to spend money, regardless the effect.

The item we all have at home is baby oil and here you can see all the uses of this item.

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-Perfect legs

After workouts, apply this oil and massage it

-No itching during pregnancy

If the belly itches, apply this

-Remove band aids

-Repel mosquitoes

Mix a bit of this and add few drops disinfectant to scare these insects, so apply with help of spraying bottle

-Smooth skin

Soak the feet for a few minutes and use pumice stone. Apply the oil and put socks on.

-No stretch marks

Put this on breasts, belly and legs during weight loss or pregnancy


Аpply after baths and have smooth skin



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