The Reason Why Diabetics Need Mango Daily


Mango is the amazing tropical fruit, admired by all and even medicinal.

The Federation of American societies for experimental biology FASEB said eating mangos daily lowers blood sugar even though is sweet.

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Experts made test with obese animals and some even got 10 g frozen dried mango daily for 90 days. Then in the end the experts tested the sugar and compared the two groups. The mango group had less blood sugar.

This needs more investigating by science, but for sure the mango has polyphenolic items, said Dr. Lucas Edralin, PhD study leader.

Oklahoma state university experts said mango can lower insulin resistance and make better glucose tolerance and the mice test proved this, similar like FASEB.

Another study in Australia said mango eating lowers inflammation and cholesterol, and also blocks illnesses from metabolic issues.

We are not sure what the thing is all about in the end, but the mango items are healthy, said a doctor from Queensland university. It is a  positive thing to do, eat mango, so reduce cholesterol and diabetes.

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