Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before, Your Hair Will Warn You And Here’s How


For every problem our bodies send us signals in a form of warning that something is going on. For example, it is considered that chest pain is an early sign of heart attack. Although, many of those who have had heart attack didn’t experience chest pain at all.

Some heart attacks can be slow and other can happen very fast, it depends form many reasons. Some people don’t go to the hospital neglecting other less-known symptoms. It is very important to get medical help in time rather when it is too late.

Your body warns you about what is going to happen. The hair can warn you too. Here is how: if the hair contains a high level of the hormone cortisol it may want to tell you that a stroke is coming. You can measure cortisol in blood, saliva and urine, but with the hair is different. As it grows 5-6 inch strand could show a longer period of increased stress levels.

56 people with previous heart attack have been examined. Their hair has been compared with others that didn’t experience a heart attack.

The cardiovascular expert Chauncey Qrendi says that there are 4 signs or symptoms of a heart attack. The first one is chest pain, although not always chest pain can lead to a heart attack. The second one is sweating and nausea. The third is difficulty breathing and the last one is stomach problems.



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