Do You Know How Dangerous Is To Turn On The A/C After Starting Your Engine


Every time when you sit in the car and you turn on the car’s engine, you are putting your health in danger and also the health of those who are with you.

When you leave your car outside, you close the windows every time. But even if you leave the car in a nice shade, it is able to accumulate 400 to 800 mg of benzene.

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If you park your car in the sun at a temperature that is higher than 16°C, the level of benzene is able to reach 2000 to 4000 mg and that is 40 times more than the allowed level.

If you sit in your car with closed windows, you will inhale the benzene and the toxin can affect the liver, the kidneys and the bone tissue. Also, it takes a lot of effort and time for our organism to remove it.

The cars’ manuals say that before turning on the A/C, we should open the windows, but they don’t really explain why we have to do that, except that it is great for the performance of the car.

Medical explanation:

The results of the research have shown that before it begins to cool the air, the air conditioners eject the heated air out, and with it they eject the benzene, which is a toxin that causes cancer.

Because of that, when you sit in your vehicle, even if you don’t notice the smell of heated plastic, open your windows for a few minutes and after that turn the A/C on. When you turn on the car, you should leave the windows opened for a few more minutes.

You should continue to practice this habit when you are in your car if you want to protect the organism from toxins, and you should know that the consequences can be really tragic.



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