Getting bunions removed usually requires surgical procedures. In fact, you can do it at home, completely naturally without complications. See how!

No one likes to have bunions. These are an enlargement of the joint that is in the base of the big toe in the foot (called the metatarsophalangeal joint), which happens to the bone or tissue that is in the joint of that finger.

Bunions are undoubtedly very painful and somewhat antithetical, which is why many people look for different ways to treat them. When this happens, it is a problem because it tends to force the big toe to move to the place where others are, causing a lump of bone. This can become really painful and annoying because this part of the body supports all of our weight. While we walk, run or do any kind of daily activity, it can become a real ordeal if we have bunions. So it is important to attack them as soon as possible.

There are many causes of this disease. It is often a combination of several factors such as: the use of inappropriate shoes, some deformities that are congenital in the bones of the feet and walking or standing for a long time. But it can also affect having flat feet or having wounds.

Know the symptoms of bunions

It is very probable that if you suffer from osteoarthritis, some neuromuscular disease or congenital deformity, if you are a dancer or have a job that asks you for an excessive effort of feet, to develop some symptoms that will indicate that you are suffering from bunions.

The most common signs of this disease may be:

– constant pain or discomfort in the feet

– reddening or redness for no reason

– recurring burning sensation

– sometimes numbness in the fingers.

Getting bunions removed

You should not be scared if you have some of these symptoms. There are various treatments that will make you feel better. For getting bunions removed naturally, you can start by changing your type of footwear, placing a few pads and not doing very demanding activities for your feet. But you can also apply ice on several occasions or try with lavender oil or some salt bath to relax.

If none of this works, you still feel the pain and you cannot continue with your daily activities normally, you should consider going with your doctor. You’ll need to see if surgery is the best option.



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