Our thyroid gland is responsible for controlling how the cells of your body use energy from food in a process that we call metabolism. Your metabolism affects your body’s temperature, as well as how well you burn calories, but also your heartbeat. Your body processes slow down if you don’t have enough thyroid hormone.

When the thyroid produces less thyroid hormone, it’s called hypothyroidism. That causes the metabolism to run too slow.

A “slow” metabolism causes gaining weight, so you won’t even be able to lose weight no matter how you control your diet.

In this article, we’re offering you 6 solutions that will help you balance your meals and avoid some damaging foods!

The Started Pack

You must follow these rules if you want to achieve your goals:

  • To learn more about sugar (refined sugar)
  • To determine whether you are going to be fully committed or not
  • Ina long term you will catch yourself eating more sugar in order to be satisfied
  • These carbs your body processes faster than the others, which enhances your feeling of hunger.

These simple carbs are present in:

  • Table Sugar
  • White Flour Products
  • Corn Syrup Sweetened Products
  • Flavored Juices
  • Soda
  • Packaged Cereal

Substitute these carbs with some so called complex carbs that your body can’t process that fast making you feel full for a longer period of time. It doesn’t cause addiction like the mentioned simple carbohydrates.

Here are some complex carbs:

  • Brown Rice
  • Whole Wheat
  • 100% Natural Fruit Juice or raw fruits
  • Oatmeal

Sweating Fat Off

Find time go to the gym, or just adjust your workouts at home to sweat fat off. The exercises you are performing will speed up your metabolism, so it will help you burn the fat. If you exercise at average intensity, you will manage to boost the hormone secretion rate of your thyroid. The chances of obesity will become minimum.

Just focus more on walking, running, aerobic, as well as other cardio-based exercises.

Coconut Oil will Save You

The fatty acids found in vegetable oils can slow down the thyroid function, but also promote weight gain. Coconut oil is not this kind of oil. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that enhance your thyroid function and these fatty acids improve your glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

Use it in cooking, or consume it 20 minutes before your meals. It will help you boost your metabolism and also prevent fat buildup.

The Magical Snacks

Many people are practicing snacking in their diet, but that can be dangerous to your weight if you don’t know how and what to use as a snack.

Several snacks at a specific time of the day instead of the regular meals can help you forget about food for a while and you’ll also manage to reduce the overall calorie intake.

What are the best choices for you and your underactive thyroid?

Here, we include raw and unsalted nuts. They’re abundant in great nutrients required by your body as well as healthy fats.

They are also full with selenium, and this element is known to be a big thyroid function booster.

Oily Supplements

Your thyroid needs to get enough omega-3 fatty acids.

People who have this problem usually include enough fish in their meals, but that might not be enough. As the best option, we suggest using fish oil supplements that will increase the weight loss potential.

The Magical Potion

It’s apple cider vinegar!

The ACV has a role to balance the hormones in people, even in those with an underactive thyroid problem. It also reduces your appetite and encourages weight loss.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar won’t be a problem for people with a strong stomach.

Consume it mixed in a glass of water and drink it!



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Written by Martin

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