The onion is one of the foods most used for natural medicines because of its great properties, it is diuretic, antiseptic and depurative. It is also very good for curing problems in the kidneys, be it urine infection, stones, fluid retention, etc.

We will show you next to a diet based on onion broth that you must follow for 9 days and with which you can clean your kidneys. You will notice that the results are excellent!

There are countless minerals present in the onion, among them we can name chlorine, calcium, copper, magnesium, cobalt, iron, iodine, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon. Among the vitamins it contains are A, B, C, and E.

The onion is diuretic, ideal for people who suffer from fluid retention, swelling of their eyelids or edema. It is also very effective against inflammations, it is antiseptic, antimycotic and antimicrobial.

It also acts as an antioxidant, helps keep the respiratory system healthy and protects the heart from disease.

To prepare an onion broths you only need to boil one onion per liter of water. You can also add a few sprigs of parsley to your broth to give it more flavor and to help the kidneys cleanse more deeply.

For this natural medicine to take effect you must take about two liters of onion broth a day, that is to say, you will need two onions. If you want to prepare it in quantity you can keep it in the fridge for about two or three days

You must go taking the onion broths in several sips throughout the day as a complement to the meals. At the time of drinking it should be warm or at room temperature, you can also add some lemon juice.

At the beginning of the day try to drink two glasses on an empty stomach and then wait about 30 minutes for breakfast. Also, avoid drinking too much juice at night because otherwise you will feel like going to the bathroom at bedtime.


In order for this natural preparation to work on your kidneys, you must follow it for 9 days, but you must also take into account some tips:

-Try to remove or reduce the amount of salt in your daily diet, you can replace it with sea water.
-You must take a vegetable-based diet, decreasing as much as you can to animal protein (meats, dairy). Among the legumes most recommended for kidneys is the azuki, are also very good nuts, mushrooms, egg, and fish.
-Replaces sugar with stevia or honey.
-Always keep the middle and lower back warm, in the colder months you can put a hot water bottle at night. Because when people get cold in these organs they become more vulnerable to kidney disease.
-Exercising is always good for the body when people train sweating thus helping the kidneys to overload and discharge, this is also a good way to eliminate fluids.


Of course, you can put together your own food, but we give you some advice on how it can be one of the 9 days of treatment.

It begins in the morning on an empty stomach and drinks two or three glasses of onion broth. After half an hour you can have some brown bread toast. As you continue the morning continue drinking broth, a number of glasses you want and continue the morning with a handful of nuts.

For lunch, you can opt for a brown rice stew with lentils or a salad, as dessert an apple is a good choice. You can make it in the compote with honey. After lunch drinks more glasses of onion broth.

For the snack a milkshake is an excellent and delicious option, you can do it of bananas or cranberries, or both fruits combined. And finally, for dinner, we recommend a fish fillet, a sofrita of garlic or cabbage with potatoes.



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