This DIY refrigerator cleaner which is completely natural will leave your fridge spotless and fresh! See how to prepare it and make yourself a favor!

In our fridge several odors tend to generate since that is where we store our perishable foods. When some of these foods’ smells mix, the entire refrigerator gets with a foul smell.

The tricky thing comes when you want to clean the refrigerator of these odors, because it can become a cumbersome process. You need to remove all food to identify which was damaged and clean the affected surface with a solution that not only removes odors, but also eliminates smell.

Today there are many chemical solutions that serve this task; unfortunately none are perfect because they leave the fridge filled with a chemical smell or because they do not clean bacteria and germs well. This simple problem has become a nightmare for many housewives.

DIY refrigerator cleaner

Today we bring you the recipe of a DIY refrigerator cleaner that is natural, economical and easy to prepare. Its ingredients are not complex and its way of use is simpler than any commercial chemical and is equally effective in removing bacteria from decomposed food.


  • 400 ml of water
  • 200 ml of white vinegar
  • 12 drops of lemon essential oil

How to make:

The preparation method is quite simple. Just put all the ingredients in a spraying bottle to make it much easier to apply it on the surfaces, shake it before you use it and it’s ready. You have a totally natural DIY refrigerator cleaner in just a couple of minutes.

How to use:

The method of use of this cleaner is quite simple; only spray it in the area which you want to disinfect and clean and let it rest. After a couple of minutes, clean the area until removing all trace of it.



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Written by Martin

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