Despite many people not being aware of it, our urine can actually tell a lot about whether or not our body is functioning properly and can be an indicator of a huge health complications, which is why we must pay close attention to its color.

  1. Clear

Clear pale urine is a sign of an overly hydrated body, meaning that you should cut down on liquids for a few hours.

  1. Light yellow

Light yellow-colored urine means that your body is properly hydrated and functioning well.

  1. Fizzy

Fizzy urine is an indicator of a bladder infection which usually occurs as a result of excessive amounts of proteins or mucus being broken down.

  1. Medium yellow

Medium yellow color is the first and man sign of dehydration, which means you need to drink more water.

  1. Dark yellow

Dark yellow urine is a sign of a far more serious level of dehydration, and it is recommended that you drink more water or tea.

  1. Orange

Orange urine is a sign that your body contains excessive amounts of bilirubin, or it can mean that your gallstones have obstacles in the bile duct.

  1. Pink

It is possible for the color of the urine to be pink after consuming too much beets. It is either this, or there is blood in your urine. Either way, go to an urologist immediately.

  1. Darker shade of pink

Darker shade of pink indicates blood in the urine as well as infections of the bladder.

  1. Brown

Brown colored urine is a result of specific medications, but it can also occur as a result of working out too much. Either way, it is best to visit a doctor immediately just to stay safe.


  1. Blue or green urine

Green or blue urine is a result of large amounts of artificial colors in the body, as well as a result of a presence of trivial food items such as jello, medications such as Uribel, or other ingredients known to contain blue methylene. It isn’t serious and it doesn’t signify a health condition, but you still need to drink a lot of water to eliminate it.



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