If You Have Yellow Teeth, This Secret Ingredient Will Turn Them White


Who doesn’t want to have a pearly white smile? Most of us have tried many ways, both chemical and healthy homemade variations, in order to achieve that effect. Some methods worked better than others, of course.

But nowadays when people are trying to avoid products which do more harm than good to their health, teeth-whitening products are no exception. There have already been plenty of homemade remedies, but there is a ‘new kid on the block’.

Well, not exactly, as many have already been acquainted with the multitude of benefits which turmeric can offer. And it turns out it’s even great as a natural teeth-whitener.

According to some statistics, we Americans spend over 1 billion per year for over-the-counter products just to attain the smile we deserve. But, sadly, it turns out that we’re not getting our money’s worth.

But let us not influence you, dear readers, you decide for yourselves if the side effects of those chemically-ridden ‘remedies’ are less severe than the short term effects they can offer your teeth.

And yet, it is a pity that Mother Nature has provided us with so many natural, healthy remedies for anything we wish to fix about our bodies and health, and here we are reaching for over-the-counter products.

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Allow us to give you this simple piece of advice: use turmeric – you will NOT be disappointed.

A little Background on this Magical Spice

It is far more popular in Asian cultures and cuisine. But it has been gaining more and more popularity in the west as well, and the U.S. is no exception. Turmeric is yellow in color and commonly found in mustard, curry and certain types of cheeses.

It has a rather strong flavor and is great for seasoning a variety of dishes.

However, its use goes well beyond the kitchen, as it is a key ingredient in many different remedies for many different kinds of aches or other health issues. To name just a few, there’s headaches, skin inflammations, arthritis, soreness in one’s mouth and even intestinal gas.

But this time around, we’ll be concentrating strictly on whitening your teeth.

Here is How to Make Turmeric Toothpaste

It’s really easy to make. What you do is mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with two capsules of turmeric and a dash of peppermint. The last ingredient is for a fresher breath of course! Nothing simpler, right? Give it a try and be amazed at how efficient these three ingredients are.

They are most certainly a cheaper alternative than anything you’ll find at the drugstore, and can even be used instead of going to the dentist to professionally whiten your teeth.

And since chances are that you already have these ingredients lying around in your cupboard at home, no harm in giving this recipe a try! It’s fair of us to warn you that this toothpaste will give your toothbrush a yellowish color.

But that’s a small price to pay for the benefits you’re getting, trust us.

Lastly, here is a video to show you how to do it:



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