Undoubtedly, the moment your child leaves the diaper is one of the most significant in its evolutionary process, and we know that for you means a greater pride. However, this gratifying moment can also cause us some frustration and disenchantment, failing to obtain the results we have longed for.

That is why in this article we bring you a great method to train a child to go to the bathroom in only 3 days, with which you can enjoy one hundred percent of watching your child grow.

While it is true that this method of training a child to go to the bathroom is only fast enough, it is also true that it requires some commitment and dedication, so we ask you to ask yourself if you are ready to face this challenge, Since the fact that your child leaves the diaper and learn to go to the bathroom alone, will depend solely on you.

If you have noticed that it is time for your child to leave the diaper, but you fear a little about how frustrating and disappointing this process can become, here is an effective method to train a child to go to the bathroom in only three days.

It is called the “fellow method” and while it is true that you can teach your child to go to the bathroom in just three days, you should also have your child wear loose pants for at least three months, To make it easier to remove his pants by himself when going to the bathroom.

The only thing you will need to apply this method to train a child to go to the bathroom is to have a series of urinals, which will distribute strategically around your house, where most of your baby is most of the time. After this, you will do the following:

First day of training

Keep your little one with the air bubbles, and as soon as you notice that you feel like going to the bathroom, take it immediately to the nearest potty. It is also important that when you go to the bathroom, take your little one with you so that you go familiar with the toilet.

Keep your baby well hydrated, so the need to go to the bathroom becomes more important, and you have more opportunities to teach him.

Whenever your little one manages to do his needs in the potty, party him so that he realizes that he did something well. If you do not reach the potty and do your needs before, make it clear that what you have done should be done only in the potty.

Second day of training

By the second day of this method to train a child to go to the bathroom, practically must do the same. The only difference is that you should go for a walk with your baby for an hour, without wearing any type of diaper or underwear. Make sure your little one pees before leaving home. If you get the time away from home without any leaks, it means that you are on the right track!

Third day of training

On the third day, you will have to leave home with your little one an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon, following the same indications as on the second day. And when you are at home, follow the same indications as on the first day.

An average child, learn to go only to a potty after you’ve already taken him 10 or 15 times, so do not despair! We assure you that the results will be worth it.



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Written by Martin

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