Maintaining your oral hygiene means maintaining your overall well being. If you take care of the hygiene in your mouth properly, you will prevent the invasion of bacteria and toxins, and make sure that you will get the necessary minerals and vitamins from the food you consume.

This is why it is essential that you keep your teeth healthy, get rid of the tartar, and prevent gum diseases and infections.

Luckily, there is an amazingly efficient natural way to solve all of your dental problems and maintain your oral health in an optimal condition.

A dentist has revealed this incredible method to me that does not cost a fortune, but restores the white, shiny, and healthy smile.



  •  Antiseptic mouthwash
  •  Half a teaspoon of salt
  •  One tablespoon of baking soda
  •  Half a cup of hydrogen peroxide
  •  Dental floss
  •  Warm water
  •  Toothbrush

How to make:

1. Take a cup and mix the baking soda with the salt in it. Then, wet your toothbrush with some water and dip it well into this mixture. One you have done this, gently rub your teeth with the brush for about five minutes.

2. Combine half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of warm water, and then use this solution to rinse your mouth for a minute. In the end, spit the solution and rinse with half a cup of cold water.

3. Take the dental floss and use it very carefully so that you do not irritate your gums, however, make sure that you rub the tartar in between the teeth. Move the floss slowly from side to side and try to avoid damage and irritations.

4. Finally, rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash.

By doing this, you will eliminate the tartar, make your teeth whiter, prevent gingivitis, and improve your oral health.

All you have to do next is – smile!



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Written by Martin

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