Signs And Symptoms For Osteoporosis And Natural Ways To Treat It


See the signs and symptoms for osteoporosis and how to treat it naturally using these homemade remedies that work miracles!

Osteoporosis is known as the disease that weakens the bones, that is to say, it is characterized by the loss of calcium and other minerals present in the bones, causing them to be weakened and completely fragile. This disease is common to occur in older women, i.e. women with menopause.

Causes of osteoporosis

However, it can also occur in men by different factors such as heredity, alcoholism, low testosterone levels and more. Not to mention that there are certain general factors that make osteoporosis a disease quite likely to suffer from.

These are: being Caucasian and / or Asian, having short stature with small bones and having thinness, having a family history of the disease, taking certain types of medications, consuming a few foods full of calcium and vitamin D, suffering from early menopause, smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, exceeding caffeine and soft drinks, not receiving sunlight, among others.

Among the general recommendations that you should keep in mind regarding this disease are: keeping your body active, walking and sports, climbing stairs, avoiding excessive consumption of fiber or red meats, taking advantage of vitamin D and foods rich in calcium, among others. Now we will show you a list of signs and symptoms for osteoporosis, then we’ll show you how you can treat it naturally.

Signs and symptoms for osteoporosis

  • Back pain, caused by bone weakening of the vertebra.
  • Height loss over time due to wearing of the bones
  • Bad posture
  • Fractures of the bones that happen more often than you would expect.

Natural remedies against osteoporosis

– Eat raw onions daily, this helps the minerals to fix better in the bones. Avoid this remedy if you suffer from gastritis.

– Wash and liquefy a handful of parsley. Drink a glass of this juice daily to take advantage of all the benefits for the bones.

– Place two tablespoons of bay leaves in a cup of boiling water, wait a few minutes, then strain and drink.

– Use at least once a day a poultice made of clay in places where more pain is present due to the illness.

– Consume up to six chestnuts at least twice a week.

With these remedies you will be able to counteract the signs and symptoms for osteoporosis and take advantage of its benefits to protect your bones.



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