Why Is Laughter Good For Your Health


Nothing can bring people together as a deep-rooted belly laugh. It can completely change the unpleasant atmosphere and establish amazing connections.

When we find something funny, whether in the form of sounds, images or memories we respond with laughter. It is a normal human response that can significantly improve our mental and physical health.

Laughter is considered a potent reliever of stress and grief which promote relaxation and resistance to many diseases. It provides many benefits for both the body and the soul.

It can stimulate different physical changes within the human body. The Mayo Clinic has conducted a research and has found that laughter can bring about both short-term and long-term health benefits.

Health Benefits of Laughter


1. Stimulates Different Organs. It improves the intake of oxygen-rich air thus stimulating the lungs, heart, and muscles. Also, it increases the release of endorphins within the brain.

2. Activates the Stress Response. When laughing, you raise the blood pressure and heart rate thus reducing the level of stress.

3. Reduces Tension. Laughter improves circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. Both of these factors are highly important when it comes to reducing the level of stress.


1. Improves the Immune System. Negative thoughts promote chemical reactions that can increase the level of stress and affect the immune system. Contrary, laughter and positive thoughts promote the release of neuropeptides which fight stress and promote serious diseases.

2. Potent Pain Reliever. It can reduce the level of pain by stimulating the body to produce its natural painkillers. It can also reduce the intensity of spasms in muscle disorders.

3. Greater Personal Satisfaction. When filled with positive thoughts and energy, people are more able to cope with stressful situations.

4. Improves Mood. Laughter is the best possible method of fighting depression. It will make you feel happier and reduce your depression and anxiety.

What makes you laugh? Is that some specific person, memory or image? Regardless of the reason, laughter will definitely make you feel better so try to laugh as much as possible.



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