If You Have High Blood Pressure Or Heart Problems Avoid These 16 Foods At All Costs


Unhealthy diet is one of the main culprits for coronary illnesses. Consuming foods that contain little or no nutrients causes hypertension which damages the blood vessels and the heart. Eating too much sodium causes hypertension particularly as we age. This is why it is very important to start eating healthy today in order to protect your cardiovascular system and your overall health.

Here are 16 substances that you should eliminate from your everyday diet:

Table salt

Eating too much salt raises the circulatory strain and damages the cardiovascular system. It also makes your body retain water which leads to even further circulatory strain and causes damage to the heart, kidneys and brain too.

French fries

A medium serving of French fries contains even 270mg of sodium and 19 grams of fat.


A study performed by the America Heart Association Diary Circulation discovered that sugar is present in all soda pop and natural product punch brands. Consuming these drinks increases the strain levels of the circulation system and also causes hypertension because of the high amounts of artificial sweeteners.


Numerous studies have confirmed that drinking alcohol moderately can reduce your blood pressure. However, there are even more studies that show that alcohol consumption can be very dangerous. One South Korean study has discovered that alcohol increases the mortality rate in grown-ups that suffer from hypertension. If you don’t want to completely stop drinking alcohol, try to reduce the daily intake to 1 drink for women and 1-2 for men.

Red meat

Red meat contains hydrogenated oils that harm your blood vessels and the heart. This is why you should reduce your intake of fast food and foods soaked with trans-fats as much as you can.

Processed meat

Excessive consumption of processed meat such as wieners, bacon, frankfurter, bologna etc. has also been linked with hypertension. In case you already suffer from hypertension or if you want to prevent it, switch from processed meats to consuming turkey bosom, chicken or incline hamburger. If you are a bacon lover try to eat it as less as you can.


Pickles are low in calories however rich in sodium. One medium pickle contains even 570mg of sodium which is more than 1/3 of the daily sodium limit.


Eating too much sugar leads to weight gain which eventually causes hypertension.


Even though they are very tasty, doughnuts can be harmful for your health because they are full of calories and fat.


This is an ingredient that you should eliminate from your diet because it contains trans-fats that are derived from the hydrogenation process. During the processing, the margarine is subjected to very high temperatures and is later infused with platinum, nickel or aluminum that create the semi-strong or strong state. The high temperature alters the atomic compound of the oils in margarine which then become very dangerous.

Canned chicken noodle soup

This is a favorite food particularly during the cold winter days, however you should know that one serving of this soup contains 800mg of sodium.

Canned biscuits

These are harmful for the health because of the fat that causes hypertension especially in middle aged and in the elderly people. Next time you buy canned biscuits check the label to see if they contain hydrogenated oils. An excellent alternative to canned biscuits are supper rolls and grain bread but always check the sodium levels.

Ramen noodles

One pack of Ramen noodles contains 1580 mg of sodium and 14 grams of fat.

Ready-made foods such as frozen pot pies

Try to avoid these foods because they usually contain about 35 grams of fat and 1300-1400 mg of sodium which is more than half of the allowed daily intake. Ready-made meals are also rich in trans fats.


Pizzas that contain meat and cheddar have high sodium levels. You should replace the meat and cheese with fresh vegetables.


A few studies have shown that espresso is linked with hypertension, so try to drinking less and replace it with green tea.

Foods that reduce the blood pressure

Foods that reduce the blood pressure naturally are those that are rich in fiber such as: whole grain oats, rice, pasta, bread, beans, peas and vegetables. Including more grains in your diet is very beneficial for your health because they make you feel full longer. Grains are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain very little calories.

Fruits and vegetables

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight thus reduce high blood pressure. They are also rich in potassium which reduces the negative impact of sodium. Eat more sweet potatoes, lima beans, oranges, bananas, tomatoes and spinach.

Herbs and spices

You can make your favorite dishes tasty by adding herbs instead of salt. For example basil is excellent for mixed greens, thyme and rosemary go very well with chicken and soups and meat taste even better with oregano.



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