Eliminate Painful Calluses On Feet Using This Natural Remedy


Painful calluses on feet make walking, thus all your other daily activities impossible. Eliminate them naturally using this homemade remedy!

Why do calluses appear on the feet? The hardness or corns on the feet are the result of a reaction that your feet are facing the friction that is usually generated when your feet come in contact with an uncomfortable shoe.

So the upper layers of the skin are thickened and this is to protect the skin or the foot.

As the days go by, the skin on your feet becomes thicker at the top and dry to the point of becoming hard and rough, forming what we know as hardness or painful calluses on feet.

Most of the people have hardness in their feet, and many of them do not know what to do to get rid of it, because despite many techniques and creams to eliminate them, none works at 100%, nor prevent it from appearing again. That is why, as always, we’ll show you the best natural remedy to eliminate the hardness or painful calluses on feet simply using ingredients that are easy to get.


  • Lavender oil
  • Glycerin
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Lanolin

How to make:

What you should do is melt 5 tablespoons of lanolin in hot water. Now look for a large container and place three tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 3 tablespoons of glycerin. At the end, add a few drops of lavender oil.

When the mixture is ready and hot, mix it until everything is completely blended. Then let it cool and put it in a container. Your remedy is ready for you take and apply it on the calluses.

How to use:

The application is very simple: only apply the mixture on the places where the hardness or paindul calluses on feet are found and rub the area for ten minutes on both feet. Remember that before performing this procedure your feet must be clean. This remedy is quite good, so if you use it regularly, after you see the results, use it two or three times a month, not to cause any type of injury to the skin.



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