5 Differences Between Tasty And “Plastic” Strawberries, How To Choose The Right Ones


Strawberries – the best fruit it announced that the summer is arrived.

But for those who do not know how to choose the right, it can only have an average fruit.

They are rich in antioxidants, magnesium and potassium, but only if you choose the right and natural strawberries.

How to recognize”plastic” strawberries?

1. Smell

Ripe and delicious strawberries always have a sweet aroma. The more it smell -have less chemicals.

2. Color

Ripe strawberries should be bright red and glossy. White and green parts are a sign that they are not ripe and should not buy them, because if they are raise green, they can not ripe.

3. Shape and size

Do not run to pick up big strawberries – may have been treated with chemicals or is artificially injected volume. Also, make sure the damaged parts. Choose medium sized strawberries and with imperfect form.

4. Petals

First, avoid strawberries that have no petals. Second, avoid strawberries with dried leaves and stalks. The leaves should be bright green.

Tip: strawberries that have a distance from the stem to the leaves, certainly sweet. If the tab is attached to the strawberry, probably slightly acidic.

5. Seeds

Another way to capture the sweet cherry – as far as seeds are further away and deeper set fruit, the sweeter is the strawberry.



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Written by Martin

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