What To Eat When You Are Sad, Tired Or Under Stess


When you were struggling a heartbreak or a job interview try one of these combinations of food and feel better and happier.

What to eat when you’re sad?

Fish with potato and vegetable juice. Dark chocolate for a dessert.

Nurture you sad heart with this combination of foods that will increase the level of serotonin in the blood and will strengthen the immune system.

These food items also will settle down your moments of pain and will make you sleepy and a good rest will surely be more than welcome.

What to eat before the party?

Pumpkin soup with lots of bread and mint tea

This combination of foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C is good for the skin, and vitamin B will help to relax your nerves before the party. Cup of mint tea will speed up metabolism and reduce flatulence.

The biggest plus of this combination is that you will help the liver to deal easier with alcohol, and the next morning hangover will be negligible.

What to eat when you are tired?

Tuna with beans and nuts. Drink green tea

If you are tired are you are just stairing at the clock, hoping that time will pass quicker, then this is the perfect combination of food for you. It will improve brain functions and reduce your stress levels.

Walnuts will fill your body with energy, and green tea will help maintain alertness and comfortable throughout the day.

What to eat if you are stressed?

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and 2 slices whole wheat bread

Are you feeling anxious and tempted to skip breakfast before a stressful event such as taking exams etc … Do not do it!

These food items will stabilize the level of blood sugar, reduce anxiety and increase physical and mental endurance.



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Written by Martin

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