Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Clothes Naturally Using This


See how to get yellow stains out of white clothes using perfectly natural ingredients that you can find at home. Learn how to do it!

Many people like to wear white clothes. They make you look sophisticated, bring you elegance and the best thing is that they offer you freshness and comfort. However, wearing white clothes has a disadvantage and of course not everything can be perfect because when using them for a long time, the white clothes start to acquire a yellowish color, which is unpleasant.

Yellow stains are produced by sweat, usually located and most noticeable in the area of ​​the neck and underarms. This is not due to poor hygiene, but the mixture of deodorants and sweat causes this yellowish color that penetrates the fabric and becomes difficult to remove when it has adhered to the clothing.

Some people think that yellow stains on clothing are only produced by sweat, but deodorant has a lot to do too. It is due to the reaction of the skin to the aluminum-based deodorant that penetrates the fabric when you sweat. If you use natural deodorants, this problem could be solved.

For your salvation and those white clothes that you love, there are fairly easy solutions that get yellow stains out of white clothes. You only need a few resources to return the white and radiant color to your favorite pieces of clothes.

Get yellow stains out of white clothes naturally

Vinegar, baking soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide


  • One and a half cup of baking soda.
  • 1 cup of white vinegar.
  • One tablespoon of common salt.
  • A spoonful of hydrogen peroxide.

Vinegar works as a stain softener, baking soda acts to remove stains on the fiber of the cloth as well as salt, while hydrogen peroxide serves to whiten.

How to make:

Pour two cups of hot water along with white vinegar into a bucket. Then place the piece of cloth inside this liquid and leave it there for half an hour to absorb the compound well.

While you wait for the clothes, mix in a small container salt, bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide until a paste is formed. Remove the cloth from the vinegar and drain it to remove excess liquid and apply the paste to the affected area. Let the mixture act for 20 minutes.

After performing these prewash processes, you can wash the garment in the washer as usual. You’ll see that this is the perfect way to get yellow stains out of white clothes.

Recommendations to prevent yellow spots

  • Wear a t-shirt under your clothes.
  • Let the deodorant dry well before putting it on your clothes, so you prevent them from absorbing the deodorant chemicals.
  • Use deodorants without aluminum compounds or switch to organic and natural deodorants.
  • Do not use heat dryers in clothes with yellow stains, since the heat fixes more stains; besides they do not have the same effect as the light of the sun when blanking the garments.
  • If you detect the stains in time they become easier to remove.
  • As soon as you take off the clothes, soak them so that later you apply this treatment before mentioned.



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