You’ve Been Led To Believe That This Oil Is Healthy


Whole Foods promotes healthy foods and earns a lot of money due to it, as people believe their foods are completely healthy. Yet, apparently, the canola oil used on their in-house foods is not as healthy as we thought so.

Whole Foods was part of the promotion of the GMO- Dark Act, a measure used to cover up the real story.

The Vermonters’ GMO labeling law came into effect in July, bit since it does not carry out the barcode system, it lacks genuine force and effectiveness, and might even allow the pass of GMO foods.

Hence, the canola oils used in the in-house prepared foods of Whole Foods is GMO.

There is no such a thing as canola seed or plant, but it is a product of the rapeseed plant seed that produces a great amount of oil. Its use is mainly industrial, so it is not adequate for human consumption.

This oil contains erucic acid which leads to fatty deposits in the muscles of the heart of humans and animals. Yet, it is not an issue these days as it is removed from the current plant seed versions due to the hybrid breeding.

The negative consequences of canola oil on the health are due to its processing.

Actually, many foods which contain canola oil are GMO as even 80-90% of Canola comes from rapeseed seeds treated with Roundup Ready, which is a heavy glyphosate pesticide.

Canola in facts stands for Canadian Oil. This state has a great number of rapeseed plants and the oils were renamed in order to stimulate the farmers to start growing it. CAN stands for Canada and OLA for factors of the oil and the low level of erucic acid.

This oil is being partially hydrogenated and treated with high heat to have a longer shelf-life.

However, this is not labeled on the packages, since the FDA permits processed food manufacturers to label it as “no trans-fats”. Plus, they also claim that a 5 gr. of trans fats per serving is the same as 0 gr.

Furthermore, the oil is also chemically deodorized with bleaching and hexane during the high heating process, and oils that have been highly processed are inflammatory.

Ironically, although the animal testings on this oil showed horrible findings, the Canadian government and the Canola Industry paid 50 million dollars to the FBA to receive the status GRAS or generally considered as safe.

Hence, make sure you avoid all products that contain canola oil and use olive oil, flax seed, coconut oil, avocado oil and other cold pressed oils instead. They are completely safe and offer numerous health benefits.



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Written by Martin

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