I Never Imagined That Toothpaste And Vaseline Could Do So Many Things, Check These 20 Amazing Tricks



Vaseline helps to soften cracked lips and visibly smooth. Put Vaseline before bed. Morning you can also use a toothbrush to exfoliate the skin on the lips.

Softening cuticles and rough skin.

Vaseline is a practical product for softening cuticles before a manicure. It helps to soften rough skin on elbows, knees, and feet. Regular put onto affected areas and will not be long before you see results.

For stuck ring.

This trick perhaps the most know. If you stuck ring, brush the area around it with Vaseline. He will create a slippery surface and you can easily remove it.

As for makeup remover.

Vaseline applied to cotton pad you can use to remove the makeup.

For thicker eyelashes.

Some women claim that regular use of Vaseline eye care helps eyelashes grow thicker and longer. For this purpose, gently put on eyes with a little petroleum jelly every night at bedtime.

Save a scent of perfume.

Before you use your favorite perfume in places where they spray perfume apply a little Vaseline. He will help the perfume longer to keep on your skin.

It helps in putting earrings.

If you go hard putting earrings on your ears, brush the area around the holes with Vaseline.

It calms disheveled eyebrows.

Often, the problem with disheveled eyebrows, especially if you’re a fan of thicker forms. To calm hairs, roll over the eyebrows with a little Vaseline.

To shine handbags or shoes.

Old shoes or handbags can get a new shine if coat with a little Vaseline.

Hide flowering tops of the hair.

Flowering tops can easily give her bad-looking hair. They immediately stand out. To whitewash, use a little Vaseline. Hair will look brighter.


White nails.

Very often fingernails yellowing from excessive use of bows with strong colors. To restore the shine of the nails, simply rub them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

For insect bite or corn.

Toothpaste reduces skin irritation in insect bite or corn. It will help relieve itching. When applied on corn, toothpaste dries quickly and allows you to recover faster. Rub the affected area overnight. But this applies only if the wound is opened.

Reduces pain in small burns.

If the burn is not an open wound, toothpaste can help with that will reduce the pain and instantly to cool the wound.

Reduces acne scars.

If you want to speed up the healing scar from acne, put him on a little paste and allow it to act overnight.

It removes odors from hands.

Every housewife knows how unpleasant smell of garlic, onion or fish on his hands. Toothpaste can help remove odors. For this purpose, rub hands thoroughly with toothpaste. Then put cream to not allow the skin to dry.

To clean the shoes.

White rubber on sneakers can become as good as new if you delete yours with toothpaste.

It lights up the silver.

Silver jewelry can restore its luster if you delete yours with toothpaste. Leave the paste overnight and morning removes it with a soft cloth. Do not use this trick if the jewelry has pearls because the paste will destroy their surface.

Cleaning of baby bottles in the smell.

Many baby bottles often gain customer smell of milk. To remove, rub the bottle with toothpaste. Currently, the odor will be reduced. One needs only to look after that thoroughly wash bottle.

Cleaning the bottom of the flat iron.

The bottom of the iron racks easy to clean with toothpaste. Simply rub the paste while the iron is cold and then remove the paste with a damp cloth.

To cover up the holes in the wall.

Toothpaste is the easiest way to close a hole nail. It is easily applied and dries quickly.



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