Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul, Find Out What Kind Of Secrets Your Eye Shape Reveals


If you want to know more about your personality or the personality of your friend or loved one, take a look at what different eye shapes stand for:

Almond-shaped eyes

These people know how control their urges since they’re very self-disciplined. They are good at controlling their feelings and tend to be very warm and sensitive. They always think with their head rather than with their heart.

Close-set eyes

They like things to be done thoroughly and they are intolerant to temperature changes, traffic jams, and external influences. They can get mad very easily.

Wide-set eyes

These individuals are different to the ones with close-set eyes; that is, they are tolerant to temperature changes, traffic jams, and external influences. They’re innovative thinkers.

Deep eyes

These people are fiery and pay a lot of attention to details. They like creative work like writing. Since they’re good observers, they are good decision-makers as well.

Small eyes

They love details and therefore, they’re perfectionists and very observant. They’re skilled individuals with a sharp mind.

Round eyes

Sometimes, they may be dramatic and emotional and they will tell everything that’s on their mind. They’re very creative and charming people who draw a lot of attention to themselves.

Upward-slanting eyes

These individuals are optimistic, curious, and decisive.

Downward-slanting eyes

They tend to be pessimistic and faint-hearted, but are very dedicated partners.

Prominent eyes

They’re very energetic individuals who like to be a part of any kind of activity. If you ignore them, they may feel hurt and get mad at you.

Big eyes

They have an open mind and are very curious. Their ideas are always creative and their eyes stand for their warm, compassionate, and romantic nature. They’re also very intelligent.



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