Eat Guava For 72 Hours And Look What Happens In Your Body


Guava is rich in Vitamin A,C and B vitamins and also add minerals such as potassium, essential for the transmission of nerve pulses, prevent cramps and strengthen brain function.

But in addition, we want to let you know the specific benefits guava has that can help you to improve your health in a natural way.

Strengthens the immune system:

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, guava can be what you need to strengthen your immune system and thus protect you against natural external agents that cause disease.

It neutralizes the cancer cells:

Also the free radicals, generators of diseases, are reduced by the consumption of guava. This is a benefit in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells.

Heart Benefits:

Heart problems lead the way in death statistics around the world, and guava leaves contain properties that can help protect the heart from high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also helps keep sugar levels balanced.

Oral Health:

Guava contains antibacterial ingredients that will help you eliminate plaque, avoiding gingivitis and other oral infections. It also has analgesic properties that help to relieve toothache.

Effective against diabetes:

As previously mentioned, guava juice would be effective in keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. You can also prepare infusions with the leaves or eat the fruit directly.

Improved vision:

High doses of vitamin A containing guava will be beneficial to your eyesight because they help reduce night blindness and protect cells from retinas, ensuring better vision.

Improves skin quality:

The same antioxidants mentioned above, improve the quality of the skin preventing the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

Help with diarrhea:

Guava benefits the digestive system and prevents diarrhea, in addition to keeping you hydrated.

It improves the function of the thyroid gland:

This fruit contains copper among its many minerals and this contributes to improve the function of the thyroid gland, in addition to benefiting your overall health.

It favors brain function:

Vitamins B3 and B6 are particularly beneficial for the proper functioning of the brain and the central nervous system.

It repairs tissues:

It is ideal for those who are convalescent of operations or have suffered cuts or wounds in the skin, because it helps to recover the tissues and intervenes in the formation of collagen, a protein extremely necessary to strengthen bones and teeth.



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