This Pineapple Water Will Detoxify The Body, Encourage Weight Loss And Reduce Swollen Joints And Pain


Pineapple is a tropical fruit which has an amazing taste, but it’s also very nutritious. It has an abundance of nutrients like vitamin C and bromelain.

Pineapple Water

Pineapple water is considered to be a very healthy drink which has the power to cleanse the body, encourage weight loss, lower swollen joints and joint pain, and strengthen the immunity. To benefit from pineapple water, you should drink it in the morning, prior to breakfast.

The Benefits of Pineapple

  • Betters the functioning of the thyroid gland- since it’s rich in bromelain and iodine, pineapple betters the health of the thyroid gland and protects against thyroid conditions.
  • Improves the digestion– bromelain is a digestive enzyme, a combination of proteolytic enzymes which work together to help the digestive system break down food easily and to absorb the nutrients more efficiently.
  • Removes intestinal parasites- bromelain and papain, enzymes in pineapple, have the power to destroy intestinal parasites with the help of their protein-digesting characteristics.
  • Fights off inflammation– the potent anti-inflammatory characteristics of bromelain lower inflammation and cleanse the affected tissues and organs. When regularly consumed, pineapple can be a great aid for people who suffer from arthritis, joint ache, and swelling.
  • Strengthens the teeth and gums– bromelain helps the breaking of plaque and acts as a natural remover of stains. The calcium in pineapple makes the teeth and gums stronger and a lot of people claim that pineapple can lower tooth sensitivity.
  • Betters the eyesight- the beta-carotene in pineapple is a powerful antioxidant that can improve the vision. According to a study, 3 pineapple servings per day reduced the risk of macular degeneration and other age-related eyesight problems.
  • Removes toxins from the body- pineapple encourages the removal of surplus fluid with the help of its potent diuretic properties.
  • Prevents cancer– bromelain fights off cancer and in cancer patients, it reduces the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Balances electrolytes– the potassium in pineapple strengthens the body and maintains the balance of electrolytes, thus, it prevents cramps and injuries.
  • Encourages weight loss– the diuretic properties of pineapple make it very effective in the removal of surplus water from the body. Moreover, pineapple speeds up the metabolism and encourages a healthy weight loss.

How to Lose Weight with Pineapple Water


  • A medium-sized pineapple, chopped in small pieces
  • 6 mint leaves
  • A liter of water
  • A mason jar

Preparation: Put the chopped pineapple into the jar, add the water and the mint leaves, and close the jar. Put it in the fridge and in the morning, drink one glass of the mixture, before breakfast.



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