This Drink Helped An 50 Years Old Person To Eliminate The Knee And Joint Pain


As we age, especially in our 50s, the tendons and ligaments in our knees turn out to be much less bendy and less cell because of reduced lubrication. The joints in our body are certainly lubricated, even though humans are not privy to this ongoing and critical method.

A wholesome and right diet can save you possible knee accidents because it facilitates enhance the joint lubrication. This kind of weight loss plan can as well enhance the strength of damaged joints.

The smoothie recipe we present you these days will help you get rid of the aches and pains inside the joints. It’s loaded with vitamins- all nutrients and minerals you need, as well as robust anti inflammatory residences.

It’s excessive in components that increase the body’s electricity and strength like silicon, potassium, nutrition C, magnesium, and bromelain.


  • Uncooked oatmeal – one cup
  • Raw, natural orange juice – one cup
  • Water – one cup
  • Clean, chopped pineapple – cups
  • Uncooked honey – forty gr
  • Crushed almonds – forty gr
  • Cinnamon – 7 gr

How to make:

In a pot of hot water, place the oatmeal and stir until well cooked. Permit the cooked oatmeal to cool. Mix the pineapple and orange juice, after which upload the crushed almonds, cinnamon, and honey, and stir nicely. The combination ought to be well blended, so the quality choice is to use a blender. Ultimately, upload the cooled oats and stir another time. You could devour this combination as a smoothie, or combined with ice cubes as a cold drink.

Put together the smoothie each day and count on your joint aches and pains start disappearing after the fifth day of the treatment.



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Written by Martin

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