If You Have Muscle Atrophy Disease, You Need To Do This!


A muscle atrophy disease is when some muscle on any part of your body is getting smaller than the other. Stop and prevent it doing this!

As we get older, our health gradually worsens. One of the most common problems of old age is muscle atrophy disease. This is a condition that causes us to lose muscle mass gradually as the years pass.

However, after several studies, it has been discovered that it is possible to stop this process. If you want to know which foods have this effect, continue reading this article.

From birth until we reach the age of about 30, our muscles grow. After this age, the body begins the process of muscle atrophy, so we lose 3% to 5% of muscle mass every 10 years. At age 75, this process is dangerously accelerated. As a result, activities as simple as walking, hiking or gardening can be very difficult. To stop this process and even reverse it, we will show you two foods that have these effects.

Apple and tomato to stop muscle atrophy disease

No matter what your age is, eating tomatoes and apples will help you fight muscular atrophy disease. According to a study, both foods combat this disease effectively. They have compounds that have inhibitory effects on ATF4, a genetic factor that weakens muscles. In other words, ursolic acid from apple peel and tomatidine from green tomatoes stop the deterioration of muscles caused by aging.

According to the results of the study, after 2 months of adding both compounds to their daily diet, participants showed significant increases in muscle mass and strength. To be exact, participants increased 10% muscle mass and 30% strength.

‘An apple a day…’

This research will continue to be tested in humans until all hypotheses are confirmed. Over the years, they may begin to design new treatments for this disease. In addition, new dietary supplements are also likely to be discovered to increase muscle mass. However, you do not have to wait; you can start eating apples and tomatoes as soon as possible.

One famous phrase is ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. Now we know what that means. We can say the same for the green tomatoes. You can consume them individually, in salads, in meals, or juices. Do not keep wasting time and start taking advantage of all the benefits now.



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