This Natural Therapy For All Kinds Of Diseases, See The Recipe


A natural therapy for all kinds of diseases is something you need to have handy. This one cures hemorrhoids, obesity, thrombosis, gastritis and many more!

Through the years, human beings have realized that at any moment we can get sick. That is why we have engaged in an implacable search to heal them.

These investigations have been taking place for a long time. On this occasion we will present to you a mysterious recipe found in a temple in Tibet which works as a natural therapy for all types of diseases.

The Tibetan cure is a very old recipe created by Tibetan Buddhist monks. Its main ingredient is garlic which, as we know, has many healing properties. One of its great advantages is that garlic is present in every household in the world. As a result, it is extremely simple to prepare this recipe.

Among other things, the Tibetan cure is excellent for combating atherosclerosis, rheumatism and ischemia. It is also good for hemorrhoids, gastritis, vision, thrombosis, weight loss, etc. According to several experts, this cure is very effective for the treatment of these diseases.

The best thing about it is that, it is good for losing weight as well, without the rebound effect. In other words, when you lose weight with it, you do not get fat again. If you want to take advantage of this therapy as well, pay attention to the following instructions.

A natural therapy for all kinds of diseases


  • Garlic (350 grams)
  • 70 ° alcoholic beverage (250 ml)

How to make and use:

The first thing to do is peel the garlic and beat it very well. Then take a glass container with lid and put the garlic in it. Then add the alcoholic beverage and close the bottle. Now, put it to the refrigerator and let it sit there for 10 days. Afterwards, filter the mixture with a cloth strainer and store it in the refrigerator for 2 more days.

With that, the substance is ready to be ingested. The way to take it is very particular and different from what we know. On the first day take 1 drop mixed with another liquid before breakfast; before lunch 2 drops and before dinner 3 drops. For the second day you will take 4 drops before breakfast, 5 drops before lunch and 3 drops before dinner. Next, we will give you the full list with the days:

Third day: 7, 8 and 9 drops before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fourth day: 10, 11 and 12 drops.

Quito day: 13, 14, and 15 drops.

Sixth day: 16, 17 and 18 drops.

Seventh day: 17, 16 and 15 drops.

Eighth day: 14, 13 and 12 drops.

Ninth day: 11, 10 and 9 drops.

Tenth day: 8, 7, 6 drops.

Eleventh day: 5, 4 and 3 drops.

Twelfth day: 2, 1, 25 drops.

At the end of this treatment, no matter what illness you have between the aforementioned, you will control and even eliminate it using this natural therapy for all kinds of diseases.



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