Nutritionists Warn, Stop Drinking Squeezed Juice


Specialists for diabetes warns that one orange may contain 45 calories, but a glass of orange juice of half a pint, contains 110 calories, while smoothie of cabbage, banana, and orange have more than 600 calories!

“I often meet patients who believe that squeezed juices are healthy. Parents of young children believe that juices are healthy as the fruit is. In fact, the juice that claims to be 100 percent fruit only slightly better than sugary water.”

“Convinces us that juices are healthy, they are in gyms, spas, health food stores. They are recommended for children and pregnant women. Industry for juices is very happy about it. The truth is quite different: We take healthy products – fruits and make something unhealthy of them! “warn experts on diabetes.

The first trap is that if the fruit is healthy the fruit juice also is, but in fact some of the healthiest ingredients of the fruit we throw, such as apple peel, raspberry seed, the membrane that holds the parts of oranges, it’s all healthy. They have fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, all of which is good for us. Fiber slows the absorption of sugar, but as soon as they disrupt the regulation of insulin in the blood leads to diabetes.

On the other hand, in this way we consume more calories, because while one fruit, such as orange has 45 calories, a glass of juice has 110. On the other hand, you have entered and burned, and have not fed up and very soon you will reach for new food and calories and when you eat a piece of fruit is not the case.

To change this bad habit, you need to start from the children. Children who drink soft drinks are shorter and fatter than children who do not drink. It is assumed this position is because when they drink juice consumes less milk and other useful ingredients they need for growth.

Replace juice with fruit and fresh vegetables, because the juices are not healthy options!



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