How To Crack Your Own Back Without A Chiropractor


In order to get a relief from back pain, you need to crack your back properly. Before doing this, you need to know the proper diagnosis of what’s causing the pain and the proper ways to crack your back as well.

If you get diagnosed with some condition, make sure not to crack your back at all.

To crack your back, you will need a medium to low height chair, and make sure to use a towel if the chair is not padded. First of all, put your hands behind your head, lean back over the backrest of the chair when you want to pop your back. While leaning back, make sure to take a deep breath in and letting the air out.

Another way to crack your bag is by using your hands behind you, which is called the reverse Heimlich Maneuver. Make sure to clasp your hands behind you in the area you want to crack. The motion will be upward at an angle. Make sure to use a quick thrust and once you do this, take a deep breath in and push it when all the air is blown out.

In this article we will present you some ways to do it with a foam roller. First of all, prop your knees up and put the roller horizontally on the ground where you want to crack your back once you lie on it. After that, place your hands behind your head again to protect your neck.

When you lean back use a quick push while taking a deep breathe in and pushing once all the air is blown out helps. In order to get a rotational adjustment, you should put the roller at an angle. Consult a physical therapist in order to find out which way is the most suitable for you.

In the end, lie down on your back and make sure your upper back is flat on the ground throughout this manipulation. Straighten one of your legs and then bend the other one up and over the leg that is straight. Next, put the opposite arm straight out to the side in order to keep your upper back on the ground.

After that, take the hand of the same side and put it on your buttocks area. Now start pushing downward and pull over the same time. Make sure to use a quick push once you do this while taking deep breathe in and pushing when all the air is blown out helps.



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