Eliminate Lower Back Pain Numb Legs And Feet And Other Health Issues


Lower back pain numb legs and feet can be signs of many health conditions. Eliminate them easily with a single natural product.

The Amazon is one of the areas of the world most populated by animals and trees. There we can find a great variety of plants with different shapes and sizes. But especially we can find a plant known as copaiba.

Copaiba is rich in anti-inflammatories and natural antibiotics very good for health. From this plant we can extract oil containing regenerative and healing properties.

However, this oil serves for many more things. In this article we will mention all the things you can do with this oil, including getting rid of lower back pain numb legs and feet. Pay attention to the following instructions so that you learn to use this oil skillfully.

Eliminate lower back pain numb legs and feet

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is very good for treating bone problems. It fights pain in bones and joints. It also eliminates muscle pain, spinal pain, arthritis and arthritis. To receive all these benefits, just take 10 drops of this oil diluted in water 3 times a day.

Ending respiratory diseases

This oil is also very good for fighting respiratory problems, as it works as an expectorant. It is already used to combat pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, inflammation of the throat, rhinitis, sinusitis and the common cold.

Improves digestion

The ingestion of this oil promotes the detoxification of the organism. In the same way, it protects the digestive system, causing toxins to be expelled through urine and fecal matter. To top it off, it fights constipation, gas and more. In addition, it is widely used to treat ulcers, irritable bowel, gastric reflux, intestinal infections, gastritis, and internal wounds.

It has anticancer properties

One of the most outstanding properties of this oil, is the one that fights and eliminates dead cells. In addition, it has cytotoxic action that eliminates the presence of cancer cells in the body. Among the cancers it treats, we can mention leukemia, prostate, ovaries, melanoma, colon, breast, kidneys and lungs.

Fights constipation

Another great advantage of this oil is that it improves intestinal transit and dysentery. This last condition presents with abdominal pain at the moment of urinating or evacuating. Likewise, it causes food to travel freely through the digestive system. For this, you only have to drink a little copaiba oil and the plant will do the rest.

Cystitis or urinary tract infections

Copaiba oil has a direct effect on the urinary system. Since it is antiseptic, it cleanses the urethra and eliminates infections of the urinary system. That is why many doctors currently recommend it to treat these kinds of ills.

Treat gastritis

As we have said, this product has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This makes it especially useful for treating and even eliminating gastritis. In addition, it restores the mucosa of the stomach and eliminates many bacteria, among them the famous Helicobacter Pylori.

Treatment for psoriasis

Because this oil has a powerful and direct effect on the nervous system, it is very good to combat psoriasis. In the same way, it is a natural emollient antimycotic, which eliminates dryness of the skin. It can also cause wounds to heal faster, leaving no marks.

Removes the fungus from hands and feet

As a result of its many properties, this oil is also capable of fighting and even eliminating the fungus. Whether they are present on the nails of the hands or feet, the product will finish with them once and for all. For this, you only have to apply it directly in the affected area and ready. Soon, your nails will look impeccable and very healthy.

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