This Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign, According To FBI Statistics


Even though many bad things are said about Geminis, they are the least dangerous zodiac sign!

People born under the Gemini sign have least blood on their hands, as they don’t take people seriously enough to hurt or kill them. Instead of killing and hurting people, they prefer boring them to death by talking.

The second least dangerous sign is Aquarius.

People born under this star sign have a huge ego that cannot be smashed. They believe in justice firmly. They are the second least dangerous zodiac sign according to FBI statistics.

Maybe, these people are the smartest ones; they don’t leave evidence to be caught by the police.

Leos are just cats! Don’t get scared by their roars. People born under this sign stay away from troubles.

Even though these people rarely kill, when they commit a murder it attracts a lot of attention.

These people are patient, kind and just, but they are more murderous than Aquariuses and Leos!

Libras are patient, but they choose violence and murder when other take advantage of them.

Virgos are neat killers and psychos.

Virgos can be classified as dangerous. However, they are more prone to fraud and theft rather than murder.

Pisces are definitely not cute.

Some of the most famous serial killers born under this zodiac sign are Aileen Wuornos, the Killer Clown or John Gacy and Richard Ramirez. The people born under Pisces have a tendency towards addiction. Therefore, they often commit extraordinary crimes and murders.

Capricorns serial murders kill most people. However, the number of serial killers born under this sign is average.

These people have respect for the rules and the law. However, you should not irritate them.

Capricorns are rarely killers, but when they are, they become really dangerous.

People under the Aries sign are crazy.

People born under this star sign get angry easily, but their anger does not last long. This is why they are here on the FBI list. You should stay away from an Aries for a while if you get him mad. Soon, they will forget about their anger.

The anger of Taurus is intense! However, these people are more prone to fraud than murder.

The people born under the Taurus sign commit crimes because they love money and luxury.

The third place goes to Sagittarius.

Small crimes are not part of the crime list of this zodiac sign. For instance, Stalin, Pablo Escobar and Ted Bundy were all born under the Sagittarius sign.

These people believe that they are leaders. They commit a lot of murders and huge crimes.

The second place is taken by Scorpio! They are official psychos!

Most serial killers are born under this star sign, which means in November. They commit sadistic murders.

Cancers win the race!

These people suffer from mood swings. Their jealousy is what usually leads them towards murder.



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