10 Things God Wants You To Know, 7 Is Most Important


God is very important to most of us. He has guided and protected you from the moment you left your mother’s womb. Yet, sometimes we question him as we struggle in life.

That’s the times when we are not close to God and wish we could feel him closer. We start to wonder whether he is truly there or not. In these times God wants you to know:

  1. God loves you ALWAYS.
  2. God will NEVER abandon you.
  3. HE is watching over you.
  4. He is protecting you.
  5. He has a plan for your life.
  6. God created you to be special.
  7. God wants you to trust him.
  8. He never leaves your sight.
  9. God wants you to accept you for who you are.
  10. God is surrounding you with his angels.
Never forget these things God wants you to know. Always remind yourself that he will never leave your sight and even in the most difficult moments will he be there to lead you and guide you. Amen.



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Written by Martin

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