Teen Designs Bra That Detects Early Signs of Breast Cancer


According to the statistics every year there are 1,700,000 cases diagnoses of breast cancer. Also, each year there are 8,200,000 deaths from breast cancer.

The creator of this miracle bra hopes that the bra shall be more comfortable than a mammogram.

The bra is also expected to provide more accurate results than those of a breast self-exam.

The Inspiration For The Bra

Julian Rois Cantu is the teen that invented the bra. The inspiration for the invention of the bra was his mother. When Julian was 13 years old, his mother for the second time got the diagnosis of breast cancer. With years his mother battled with the disease.

In the end, she underwent a double mastectomy. According to Julian, the diagnosis was too late because his mom nearly died and lost her breasts.

Even though women regularly examine their breasts, it is still difficult to notice the subtle changes that happen in their bodies. Because of his mother`s case, Julian decided that there is need of a better way to determine the early signs and changes in the body of a person with breast cancer.

That is the reason why Julian Rois Cantu a Mexican teen invented a bra that can save lives, millions of them.

The Innovative Bra

He invented an “auto-exploration bra.”

This innovative bra has 200 tactile sensors inside that can spot signs of breast cancer. The sensors inside the bra can track the blood flow, the temperature, the color and even the texture. You need to wear the bra one hour in a week.

During that time, the sensors gathers vital information. Also, the sensors in the bra can map the surface of the breast. All the data that the bra collects transfers via Bluetooth to an app or a computer. Women can look over the collected data and see whether there are changes in their breasts.

This actually initiated Julian to start and establish his own company. The name of the company is Higia Technologies. He started this company when he was only 17 years old.

This company is devoted to boost the quality of women’s lives. Also, to prevent breast cancer with their breast cancer detection bra EVA.

The first prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards was awarded to Julian`s company i.e. Higia Technologies.

The difficult time that Julian and his family went through served as an inspiration for the brilliant teen. We hope his invention and brilliant mind would result in saving millions of lives.



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