This Fruit Is Like Pure Magic, It Heals The Prostate, Stops Constipation And Keeps The Stomach, Colon And Intestine Healthy


Did you know that the uchuva is known as the fruit of magic and love? Keep on reading and we will tell you why.

This Fruit Is Like Pure Magic! It Heals The Prostate, Stops Constipation And Keeps The Stomach, Colon And Intestine Healthy!

The uchuva, is a fruit originating in South America particularly from Peru and Colombia. In other countries it is called uvilla, tomatillo, wild tomato, aguaymanto or alquequenje, although many call it “the fruit of love”, since the myths say that it has aphrodisiac properties.

It is a fruit similar to the potato with an internal structure similar to the tomato; In fact it looks like a miniature tomato. It has a semi-acid taste, and with it are prepared marmalades and sweets that are marketed, as well as you can prepare desserts, wines and can be eaten in syrup or along with other fruits in salad.

It has high pectin content and is mainly a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, some of the B complex . And also has high doses of protein and phosphorus, something uncommon in a fruit.

It is also given a therapeutic use as both the fruit and its leaves are used in the pharmaceutical industry. And this is because the uchuva has the ability to purify the blood and also makes important contributions to the eye as it tones the optic nerve and has a positive impact on cataract treatments. It also benefits the cure of conditions in the mouth and throat. Eliminates albumin from the kidneys and is effective in treatments to eliminate intestinal and stomach parasites.

It is high in calcium and flavonoids and has important diuretic effects. Because of this it is recommended for people with diabetes and those with prostate problems. Thanks contents in flavonoids acts as a natural relaxant.

This fruit in addition to containing important doses of vitamins proves to be a powerful energizer especially for children and sportsmen who perform high impact sports. It promotes good digestion, acts as a natural laxative, lowers blood cholesterol levels and helps eliminate fluids.



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