Acute Conjunctivitis Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms And Causes


See the acute conjunctivitis treatment, how to prevent the disease, what causes it and which are the symptoms and BEWARE!

Conjunctivitis is a swelling or inflammation caused by a conjunctival infection of the lining of the eyelid. The causes of conjunctivitis are due to exposure of the conjunctiva bacteria and other irritants and to tears that help protect this area by eliminating bacteria, since tears have proteins and antibodies that destroy bacteria in the eye.

It is usually caused by a virus. This virus is commonly known as Queratoconjuntivitis or acute conjunctivitis and is usually spread easily among children and sometimes adults. Women usually get it due to exchanging make-ups with other women. In any case, you need to be very careful with the infected person.

Other Causes of Conjunctivitis

  • Due to allergies or (allergic conjunctivitis).
  • Because of bacteria.
  • For certain diseases.
  • Expositions to chemicals.
  • By chlamydia.
  • Due to fungi.
  • Rarely for parasites.
  • Wearing contact lenses for too long and not sanitizing them.

In rare cases newborns may acquire conjunctivitis at the time of delivery. This condition is called neonatal ophthalmia and the doctors should treat it immediately to preserve the child’s vision.

What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis has several symptoms including the following:

  • Eye pain.
  • Crusts that form on the eyelid at night.
  • Sandy feeling in the eyes.
  • You have blurred vision.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Increases tearing of the eyes.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Redness of the eyes.

Acute conjunctivitis treatment

The acute conjunctivitis treatment depends on the cause that produces it, so we will explain what to do in each case.

When conjunctivitis is allergic it can be improved by itself and will disappear in several days if you keep your eye or eyes well sanitized and of course put ice packs to help counteract the infection.

In any case you can also treat conjunctivitis with antibiotics; in most cases ophthalmic drops work against bacterial conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis disappears on its own. If the pain is very severe, ophthalmic drops with soft steroids help reduce and therefore relieve pain. Usually many doctors use a mild antibiotic eye drops for Queratoconjuntivitis in order to prevent it.

Note: Remember that you can use ice packs for conjunctivitis regardless of what you do, but you should sanitize the cloth every time you apply for a new session. So that you are not putting the infection on one another.

How to prevent conjunctivitis?

Hygiene is fundamental in everyone’s life to prevent all types of fungi, bacteria and viruses. In this case, to prevent conjunctivitis do as follows:

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Do not share eye cosmetics and replace them regularly.
  • Change pillow cases more regularly.
  • Do not share towels or handkerchiefs.
  • Avoid contact with an infected person.
  • Handle and clean contact lenses regularly.
  • Avoid touching your eyes with your hands.



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