Repair Your Liver Like A New With Lemon Juice And Olive Oil


Liver has become an almost obligatory task for every person who wants to detoxify the blood to feel good.

This very important organ that fulfills the function of filter of toxins needs every so much “a set-up” to continue being healthy and that that well-being is reflected in a good general state of health, a good appearance, a bright skin and even in A better mood.

Although a balanced diet improves the conditions of the liver and all organs in general, there are also smoothies that favor liver function composed of fruits or vegetables; However there is something that we could almost qualify as miraculous to purify the liver: lemon juice and olive oil.

Repair Your Liver Like a New With Lemon juice and Olive oil

You simply have to put in a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and mix it with the juice of half a lemon. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach every day for a month. This will help your digestion, remove dark circles, give your skin a shine. Improve the appearance of your hair and give you all the energy you need to face the day.

Both ingredients have cleaning functions. Olive oil in particular cleans the vesicle channels and directly favors the liver; While lemon cleans blood vessels, eliminates cholesterol stores and provides an optimal dose of vitamin C.

Try this liver cleanser to feel better and accompany with a healthy diet, plenty of water and physical activity.



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Written by Martin

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