Cold Water VS Warm Water, Which One’s Bad For Your Health


Are you one of the many who drinks a cup of hot coffee or warm tea as a first thing in the morning? Or maybe you like to start your day with a glass of cold water.

Drinking liquid, especially water in the morning provides multiple benefits to your health. But, the real question is what’s better to have on an empty stomach, a warm or a cold beverage?

Well, it turns out that a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is better for your overall health and well-being, rather than a cold beverage.

Here are several health benefits of drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Once you learn them, you’ll agree that there’s no better way of starting your day.

Why is Warm Water on an Empty Stomach Good for You?

1. Improves Bowel Movements

Having a glass of warm water can improve your digestion at any time of the day. In fact, the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility published a study analyzing the effects of drinking warm water on achalasia patients.

These people have problems with the ingested food passing into the stomach as the muscles of the lower part of their esophagus can’t always relax.

The results showed that 58% of the participants had a drastic improvement in their condition after having their glass of hot/warm water. This morning ritual can activate your colon and ease your bowel movements.

What’s more, it ensures better absorption of the food you’ll ingest throughout the entire day.

2. Reduces Pain

Having a glass of warm water before breakfast can help soothe your swollen, irritated, or dry throat. This, in turn, will reduce the swelling, and help you get a temporary pain relief.

So, the next time you wake up with a throat so dry that’s even hard to swallow, drink a glass of warm water. You should notice pain relief right after the first sip.

In addition, warm water can soothe your stomach cramps by relaxing the stomach muscles.

3. Boosts Blood Circulation

Having a glass of warm water as a first thing in the morning will boost your circulation in your body. One research proves that exposing your body to warm temperature early in the morning significantly improves the blood flow in the circulatory system.

Then, it returns to its normal rate but if your body continues to be exposed to heat it’ll gradually increase once again. In other words, you must warm your body from the inside if you want to boost your blood flow.

4. Speeds Up the Weight Loss Process

You might have heard that warm water on an empty stomach can help the weight loss process. The Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine published a research conducted on overweight women who drank plenty of water in order to analyze the effects it has on their weight.

The results of the 8-week research showed that all women had a decrease in their body mass index, body weight, as well as their appetite.

What Can Cold Water Do to Your Body

Even though a glass of cold water in a hot, summer’s day will help you cool down your body in an instant, experts don’t recommend it for several reasons.

In contrast with warm water, drinking cold water is bad for your health because:

  • Your body has to warm up the cold water your drink in order to use it. For that purpose, it expands your energy
  • When you drink cold water, your blood vessels constrict. This, in turn, lowers the hydrating as well as its absorbability
  • Cold water makes your body work harder in order to digest the food you eat. This happens because it solidifies the fats in the food
  • Drinking cold water increases the mucus found in your respiratory system. Consequently, congested lungs are more prone to different infections and the risk of throat infection increases



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