Here Is How You Can Choose Perfect Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape


Just like clothes, haircuts aren’t one-size-fits-all. You need to focus on your haircut just like you take care of your clothes and shoes. Your hair should frame according to what suits you best. Simple enough, right? Picking a cut that doesn’t suit your skull is a serious and, critically, easily avoidable mistake many men make when sitting in the barber’s chair. Just before deciding your perfect hairstyle, the great thing about knowing your face shape and finding a suitable hairstyle is that it should work to enhance certainly favorable. So let’s check out, which hairstyle will suit according to your face shape?

What is the length of your face compared to the width of your face?

First of all, you need to determine what is your face shape. Firstly, pull your hair locks back and give special attention towards your face. Look at the length and width of the face and determine the perfect shape.

Rectangle Face Shape

Apart from paying attention to side parts and top of the hairs, you need to focus on hairstyles which are balanced from both sides. You can go for side part and slicked back hairstyle. A sleek bun will also look good and better balance proportions of the face.

Oval Face Shape

If you are having oral face shape, then you are the lucky one. Oval shape face is proportioned well and people with this shape can carry different hairstyles. But my suggestion is you must try conservative quiff with longer lengths and modernized cuts. A voluminous pompadour will also look good on you.

Square Face Shape

Hey you are blessed with strong jaw line, and you must pay attention to them. We suggest a lot of volume when styling your hair, so aim on fullness and add as much product as you want. A quiff works well, whether done more naturally or with a modern edge.

Heart Face Shape

When looking for perfect hairstyle for your heart shaped face, keep in mind that you will need to balance out the top part of your face with the bottom, so keep your hair proportionate to. You must aim on trying to ensure that your chin doesn’t appear too thin. A dimensional quiff or textured fringe will look perfect but remember that you must use a lightweight product to ensure that you are not creating uneven angles.

Diamond Face Shape

f you are having a diamond face shape, then you must keep textured, a little messy and keep it on side.

Round Face Shape Hairstyles

You need to carry a hairstyle with longer proportions up top and shorter sides. A pompadour will look good, working to make more dimension and giving your baby face a more pronounced look. You can also try side part, which will also make more angles and give you a more mature look.

Triangle Face Shapes Hairstyles

As you have a wider jaw, you will need to be strategic while choosing best hairstyle. Many hairstyles will work for this face triangular shape. A quiff, fringe or a pompadour will all work to highlight the fullness of your hair. Keep in mind to use a thicker product to improve volume.



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