15 Reasons Why To Eat An Whole Avocado, Daily


No doubt, avocado is favorite to anyone and not just Americans. It has many nutrients and health benefits.

Also, many studies said people who eat avocados have lower BMI and better nutrient intakes. These are the benefits:

1. Good fats

This fruit has good monosaturated fats and this lowers risk of heart issues, strokes, cholesterol

2. Weight loss

A study of the Nutrition journal said ½ avocado with the lunch will help overweight people to feel satiety. Those in the study said they had 40% less cravings for over 3 hours and 28% less craving 5 hours after meals.

3. Blood pressure

The American Heart Association said a diet with potassium sources controls the pressure. Avocados have potassium. They have fats, yes, but other fats can be excluded to balance fats.

4. Cholesterol

Stats say 1 of 3 Americans has cholesterol problems and this doubles the heart problems. In natural ways, you can resolve this. Studies said regular eating avocado is good. It lowers triglycerides and cholesterol and makes more HDL good cholesterol.

5. Nutrients

Avocados have many nutrients and a serving has over 20 minerals and vitamins. One avocado gives you 33% daily C, 21% E, 26% B6, 53% K, 19% copper, 41% folate, 28% potassium, 28% pantothenic acid.

6. More nutrient absorption

The vitamins, minerals, nutrients must be well absorbed. These are fat soluble and you need fat to benefit from them. Some are K, A, D, E and antioxidants. Add ½ avocado in salads, spinach, carrots, lettuce and you get 8.3 more times antioxidants like alpha-carotene, 13.6 times more beta carotene and lutein 4.3 times more.

7. Diabetes prevention

The CDC said at some point, we are at risk for diabetes or 40% of USA people will get it. to prevent this, balance the sugars. A study said people involved got ½ avocado with the lunch and had glucose and insulin balance, had more carb and calories overall but no increase of sugar!

8. Pain relief

Avocado experts said this helps in arthritis. It removes inflammation, soothes pain and aches and such.

9. Inflammation

This is the main cause of modern issues like heart issues, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s. studies said oleic acid removes inflammation. Avocados have it and also olive oil too.

10. Eye health

The macular degeneration is the lead cause of blindness in USA. The lutein and zeaxanthin are 2 items that have good effect in this case. Foods with loads of phytonutrients have zeaxanthin and lutein too, like avocado! The best source for them.

11. Pregnancy

What To Expect said avocado is the best for this. It has B6, folate, C, potassium. So B6 is for the baby tissues and brain and also removes morning sickness. Folate is for the health of the fetus in early pregnancy.

12. Anti-cancer

A study said avocado helps In stopping prostate cancer. Another one said avocado reduces chemo side effects.

13. Bone health

Avocados have vitamin K, copper, folate, and such nutrients. Regular eating means stronger bones.

14. Digestion

Avocados help digestion and one avocado has 13 g fiber or 54% daily needs.

15. Better mood

Some studies said there is a link between depression and potassium. With other studies was said that depressed people have low potassium. A study of 1993 stated this. So, experts all agree that avocado helps in mood improving and low mood issues.



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Written by Martin

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