15 Mistakes You’re Making If You Have Blackheads


Ugh, blackheads. Whenever I find myself in front of a magnifying mirror I am astounded by how blackheads just seem to magically appear. Forget about plucking a hair and having 10 sprout up. It seems like if you get rid of one blackhead, you’re going to be greeted by 50 more.

If you have blackheads, you want to get rid of them as much as any honking whitehead or super cyst. However, as with any skin condition, there is a right way to get rid of blackheads and a wrong way. If you don’t treat your blackheads properly, it can result in other skin issues. And sometimes your “solution” might not actually do anything to help those blackheads.

To ensure that you’re looking after your skin in the best way, take a look at the things that a lot of people with blackheads do. Then avoid them! Check out the common mistakes people make if they have blackheads.

Squeezing them.

I know that it’s so tempting to want to squeeze those blackheads, but when you do it, you can actually injure the skin around them.

Overscrubbing your face.

When you see a cluster of blackheads, it can be tempting to vigorously rub your face in the hopes that you’ll remove all those suckers. Sadly, that usually just results in your skin becoming irritated.

Using the wrong beauty products.

If you find that your pores are getting clogged, look for makeup and skincare products that are labeled “non-comedogenic.” It’s a fancy word for saying that they won’t clog your pores.

Using a blackhead extractor tool.

Yes, I know they make them, but they’re something that’s generally best left to the pros because most people don’t know how to use them properly and/or they don’t disinfect them properly…or at all.

Touching your blackheads with dirty fingers.

Whether you’re squeezing, popping, or just inspecting your face, it’s not good. All that touching can lead to more dirt and bacteria being spread.

Not doing anything with them.

Are you taking a more chilled out approach to skincare? While there are benefits of not picking your face, be aware that those blackheads aren’t going to go away on their own.

Using super harsh ingredients on your face.

Thinking that something stronger is better isn’t always the face. Harsh ingredients, like rubbing alcohol, can strip your skin of other essential things like moisture and nutrients and create more problems.

Focusing on covering them up instead of treatment.

Instead of slapping on the concealer and foundation and trying to forget about your blackheads, you should be looking for skincare products that are specifically formulated to treat them.

Not washing your face.

Blackheads are trapped dirt and oil in your pores that has oxidized resulting in that black color. Therefore, don’t encourage that dirt and oil (and makeup) to get trapped in your pores by not washing your face.

Not exfoliating.

Washing your face is great, but incorporating exfoliating into your routine is even better. Scrubs and/or peels help keep your pores clear.

Failing to choose products for your skin type.

There are cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and so much more formulated for blackhead-prone skin so don’t settle for some generic product.

Forgetting about masks.

There is a mask for everything and that includes blackheads. Just think about those pore strips, clay masks, or even sheet masks.

Underestimating cleansing brushes.

Scrub brushes help keep your pores clear. That’s because they rotate and vibrate to remove dirt and oil in a way that your fingers could never replicate. Even manual ones make a difference.

Using products that are meant for pimples.

Blackheads aren’t the same as pimples. Unless you’re dealing with acne, look for products that specifically say on the bottle that they target blackheads.

Not taking advantage of blackhead treatments.

Yes, you may gripe about having to shell out money for another skincare product, but isn’t it worth it if it treats your specific problem?



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Written by Martin

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