It’s Finally Discovered What Causes Lung Cancer, You Won’t Believe It When You Read What This Is About


People who live in the lowlands have much greater risk of developing lung cancer than those living in the mountains. There are a lot of risk factors, such as smoking, smog, genetics, working in a mine, but another great risk is the air we breathe in.

This means that it is not all the same on which altitude above sea level you live. According to Telegraph, the air in the lowlands is thicker, richer in oxygen which besides it benefits is dangerous to our organism.

Oxygen is quite an unusual element, and each time we eat, our body uses it to transform food into energy. Unfortunately, oxidation is a metabolic process which releases free radicals that are extremely carcinogenic.

In fact, these active atoms cause havoc in our organism, damage our DNA and mutate our cells which leads to the development of cancer. Since our lungs are the first ones affected by oxygen, they are at greater risk of developing cancer.

In order to decrease the risk of lung cancer, you should move to a higher altitude above the sea levels, like in the mountains since the air is thinner and your lungs spread more and have less dangerous oxygen with which they need to fight.

According to the results of the American research, the number of people who acquire lung cancer on every 1000 meters of altitude decreases multiple times.



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