The Diseases Connected To Mercury Fillings


An outspoken and intelligent critic of modern-day dentistry, Dr. David Kenned, provided scientific proof about the effects of mercury fillings on our health. According to the evidence, these are the major facts that you need to know about why mercury amalgam fillings are not safe for your health:

They release highly toxic elemental mercury

Mercury is released by these fillings and it’s a very toxic substance.

Amalgam fillings are associated with gastrointestinal issues and neurological problems

According to an epidemiological study of mercury and its negative effects, mercury has to do a lot with mouth disorders and bleeding gums, gastrointestinal issues, sleep and concentration problems, problems with the memory, lack of initiative, and restlessness.

Brain damage in children

In February 1988, a group of mercury researchers stated that mercury from amalgam fillings has the power to weaken the immunity and cause permanent damage to the brain and kidneys in children.


According to a group of researchers led by Dr. Boyd Haley, there was a connection found between mercury and Alzheimer’s. The lab mice that were exposed to mercury vapor developed tissue damage like that in Alzheimer’s.

The biggest source of mercury so far

According to the WHO and a review of inorganic mercury in 1991 based on Swedish studies, the absorption of mercury from amalgam fillings is 4 times higher than from consumption of fish. The absorbed amount varies from person to person.

Modern-day amalgam fillings are unstable

The mercury fillings that have been used in the last 4 decades release a lot more mercury than the ones used before.



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