7 Serious Condition You Can Detect By Simply Looking At Your Hands


People should definitely start paying more attention to their hands since they are like mirror of the internal organs and their health.

These are the most important illness symptoms you can discover by looking at your hands:

  1. The syndrome of carpal tunnel

Your thumb, index and middle finger can tell you a lot about this syndrome. For instance, if your hands feel numb or the tendons are swollen, it means you are dealing with this.

Tip: To feel better, just stretch your joints as many times as you remember during the day.

  1. Tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue occur due to lifting heavy items which can cause a tingling sensation in our fingers.

  1. Damage of the spine

If your little finger on your left palm is red and it hurts upon pressure, it means you have spine problems. This is because the nerves are damaged which affects the spine as well.

Tip: make sure to stretch your back as often as you can if you are not practicing yoga or swimming. You should always take long walks, and avoid sitting in the same position for too long.

  1. Vitamin deficit

Vitamin deficiency can cause a tingling sensation on your left hand’s fingers. They include vitamin B1, B2, B6 and E.

Tip: To restore these vitamins, consult a doctor or a nutritionist in order to recommend you the proper diet.

  1. Buerger’s disease

Common smokers are the most affected by this disease where the blood flow is compromised by excess nicotine intake. Smoking cigarettes results in lacking essential minerals which causes your fingers or even the entire numb get numb.

Tip: To prevent this, you need to quit smoking immediately.

  1. Circulation issues

Surface nerve trauma or shoulder joint pain causes numbness on your fingertips, but this could also be associated with a serious cardiovascular diseases. Numbness is the first sign because they blood is obstructed from flowing freely towards the extremities.

Tip: In order to restore the original condition of your blood vessels, start walking at least several times per week and stretch your body.

  1. Diabetes

Compromised blood flow as well as nerve endings damage leads to tingling sensation from the feet towards the arms, but this is also a symptom of diabetes 1.

Tip: Improper insulin levels cause diabetes 1, while type 2 diabetes is caused due to artificial sugar intake and improper diets. Consult your doctor immediately if you suspect you are dealing with some of these problems.



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Written by Martin

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