This 3-Ingredient Drink Will Help You Lose Weight Fast


The following remedy is for all those who want to lose weight. It consists 3 ingredients: cinnamon, lemon and honey.

Warm water, lemon and honey are known to improve digestion, aid in weight loss and cleanse the body of toxins. It is due to the pectin content in the lemon which keep cravings at bay and help you feel satiated for a longer time.

This mixture makes an alkaline atmosphere in the stomach that helps in the better breakdown of fat.

The cinnamon improves digestion, regulates the insulin production and the carbohydrate breakdown. It also improves the nutrient assimilation from the food that is consumed, which helps you feel satiated.


-1 glass of warm water;
-1 tbs. of honey;
-1 tsp. of freshly grounded cinnamon powder;
-Juice of ½ a lemon;

How to make:

Put the cinnamon powder in a glass and add the honey and lemon juice. Mix them until you get a paste and add the warm water. Mix well.
Consume it once a day on an empty stomach.

This remedy shouldn’t be used instead of medical advice and you should consult with a doctor before you try it. Remember that the appetite suppressants that are bought in a store can be dangerous and may not help with weight loss goals.



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Written by Martin

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