New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo


Ginger, just like turmeric, has numerous potent medicinal properties which can be used in the treatment of many different ailments, and according to recent studies, it can even treat cancer. Unlike some inefficient drugs that usually speed up the death in patients, ginger is extremely effective natural medicine.

The Power of Ginger

The results from the study conducted at the Georgia State University on mice, showed that ginger extract reduces the size of the prostate tumor by 56%. Besides reducing it, it also has the ability to reduce inflammation as well as to provide life-enhancing antioxidants to the mice.

Yet another study showed that 6-shogaol, an ingredient found in ginger is far better than the conventional chemotherapy since it attacks only the root of the breast cancer-its stem cells. They are called “mother cells” which lead to a wide range of cancers, and the worst part is that they also create various daughter cells which invade the body. Although they constitute only 2 to 1% of the tumor cell constitution, they are almost immortal.

In other words, the cancer stem cells are able to self renew which is why they are resistant to conventional chemotherapy and can constitute new tumor colonies. However, the body is only cancer free when the cancer stem cells are killed off within the tumor.

The ingredient contained in ginger known as 6-shogaol is formed when the ginger root is cooked or dried, it is extremely potent which is why it makes ginger superior to chemotherapy.

According to the experts, the effects of destroying cancer of the ginger occur only where the amounts of ginger extract don’t have toxic effects on the non-cancerous cells. More precisely, 6-shoagol does not affect the healthy cells, it only eliminates the cancerous ones which is a huge advantage when compared to chemotherapy.

When it comes to breast cancer, 6-shoagol affects the cell cycle as well which results in increased cancer cell death. In fact, these cells die through the induction of autophagy. Moreover, it also reduces the formation of breast cancer spheroids.

It should also be mentioned that the cancer drug taxol is far less effective than 6-shoagol when it comes to killing cancer stem cells. In fact, 6-shoagol is more effective in killing these cells for 10,000 times in comparison with taxol. As you can realize, this ingredients is also much more effective in stopping the tumors from forming and keeping the health of the unaffected cells.

Even though further research is needed when it comes to cancer, you can see that natural remedies are definitely far better than conventional ones, so make sure to make the right choice.



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